How to Save Money When Traveling in Asia

Posted by: headm on: January 15, 2015

Asia is blessed with countless wonders be it natural or man-made. Even though that’s the case, most countries in Asia may drain a considerable amount of your travel money. And so in order to enjoy your Asian-wide tour, saving money will help you last longer. An additional benefit obviously is the lasting-memory worth re-telling for a lifetime.

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http://nomadicmatt.com can give you more than just that. Yep, I’m not going to provide any price descriptions in this article. What you’re about to read here though is more on the free or near-free stuffs you can do to save money.

Do it yourself cooking – food and drinks consumption is definitely the most common headache for backpackers every time they visit a tourist attraction. Avoid spending money from eating outside. Instead, cook your own meals. The benefit from cooking is plenty and you know it!

Take a stroll or rent a bike – Instead of hiring a cab or a private transportation when getting around, why don’t you try walking, strolling, running, jogging and/or renting a bike for a change? Given the fact that it’s close to free, it’s also a form or exercise. See? It’s hitting two birds with a single stone! If you do this, who knows? You might discover something you can’t when riding a cab, train or any form of public transportation for that matter.

Tour alone (or with a friend) – Instead of availing or paying a tour guide, just buy a map. It’s more exciting to discover a place alone and away from the dialogues coming from tour guides and fellow tourists.

Choose attractions that don’t charge a dime – Parks, sculptures, monuments and museums are very free. Oh and don’t pay unscrupulous individuals who says that “in order to take a picture of the attraction, you should pay” because that’s bollocks!

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