How to Read Your Writing Assignments

Posted by: headm on: October 16, 2013

If you are in school, understanding the instructions of your may also be half the battle. Since every teacher offers their assignment directions differently, confusion isn’t something new. Usually, it’s this very issue leading students to start their assignment writing within the wrong way, being forced to backup and redo their work later.

Of course, the easiest solution would be to ask the teacher for any unclear area of the instructions. Before you do it, however, be sure to read it. Utilize the following being a guide:

1. Read the whole assignment from start to end, without making any annotations. Just get it done to get an overall view of the material.

2. Underline or put in writing essential details – deadline, subject needs, page size, composition forms, and so on.

3. Seek out specific instructions that you know will soon be very important to the teacher. If a teacher loves to see essays written using a lot of authoritative sources, for example, then see if he describes directions for that within the text. Check the prompt for similar circumstances.

4. Try to find questions, bullet points or bolded statements. Great teachers (you know, the kind who use a writing computer software to shape-up their instructions) know how to highlight the essential things within their assignments. Be sure you note those.

5. Once you’ve a summary of important factors, rank them according to which you believe would be the most important for your reader. In cases like this, you merely have to be focused on one – your teacher.

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