How To Get Invited To Fashion Events

Posted by: headm on: October 4, 2013

The fashion world is a very competitive sector where presence at several major events is by invitations only. Though tremendously prestigious, there are lots of opportunities for the striving individual to get your stiletto-adorned foot in the door. Well, if you’ve ever wanted to be part of the fashion scene and attend one of these high-profile events, here are a few tips that might just land you a VIP invitation to the next major fashion event coming to a city near you.

1) Help spread the word about the event by being part of the media who reports and writes about the event. When you own a style site or have written articles for online or print publications, you may possess the influence to be in the door. If your blog or column can bring added exposure for your occasion, the individuals in charge of public relations and marketing might not have any problem issuing free entry and you a press pass in exchange for media coverage

2) There are certain skills which could land you a great job opportunity leading to future invites to some great fashion events. In case you are a photographer, makeup-artist, seamstress or even a great personal assistant, your skills may be a tremendous edge to your gain and a fantastic strength to others. Volunteering might help you get your foot within the door even faster, should you be having trouble landing a paying job. You can even become a freelancer blogger, for that you visit few web sources like www.forbes.com/, www.fashionbyhe.com or simply browse http://www.leblogdesaboune.com/ for latest fashion blog (called as feuilleter http://www.leblogdesaboune.com/ pour plus tard blog mode in French) reviews, from here you will get appropriate info, you may require.

3) Make industry connections through networking. Models and designers are really not the only ones who attend these events. Social networking is another major part of networking and if you continue to stay active in your communications via the Web, this may open the door to major links with people in the sector who is able to get you invited too many fashion events.

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