How To Choose The Best Home Insulation

Posted by: headm on: January 2, 2013

One of the improvements that you should carry out in your home if you hope to improve the energy efficiency is insulation. Loft or cavity wall insulation can help you to save hundreds of pounds every year in terms of your energy bills. It is also the cheapest and easiest type of home insulation. However, it is important for you to know whether the deal you are getting is the best.

You should begin the process of choosing home insulation by carrying out research on the various types.

Fibreglass insulation has some merits in that it resists shrinking even after a long period of time. It is also commonly available and keeps out the bugs. However, it has been associated with health risks such as cancer and lung damage.

Foam board type of insulation has an advantage in that it is water resistant and has an R-value which is high.

Cellulose home insulation is not only environmentally friendly but it is also readily available. However, it has a limitation in that it is usually affected by moisture.

It is essential that you put serious consideration into the R-value of the insulation that you choose. The R-value is an indication of how well the home insulation can effect heat flow. When choosing the best insulation, you should choose one that has a high R-value. These values usually range from 11 to 38. Ensure that the type of improvement that you choose has a guarantee on lifetime performance. Bear in mind that insulation isn’t something to be replaced every now and then. Therefore, choose one that doesn’t easily settle. Ensure that the insulation is non-combustible. There are some which are fire retardant and therefore, do not need chemical treatments.

According to recent investigations in regard to wall cavity insulations, it was noted that there are some rogues in the industry. There are indications that most of them have no knowledge on how to carry out the work and they do not consult the home owners in order to offer them the best service. It is essential for the insulation company to find out if you have problems with damp as these need to be sorted out before any insulation can be added.

Ensure that the installer of the insulation is properly accredited and is a member of an industry regulator. You should also be aware of the questions to ask before you can allow the installer to carry out the work for you. In case the work is being undertaken under the Green deal, there is a need for the professional to have the necessary accreditation for performing the task. There are some installers who may scare you into having insulation work such as loft and wall insulation even where these are not necessary. This is one reason as to why you should carry out some research to counter-check any claim that is made by the installing company.

Where the home insulation is carried out properly, it will be possible to cut your heating costs significantly and you will enjoy some comfortable air in your home.

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