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A Helpful Guide to Cantonese Cuisine Cantonese cooking was first introduced to many of us through Chinese restaurants featuring Cantonese cuisine.Why is Cantonese cuisine different from other regional Chinese cooking styles? Why is Cantonese cooking called China’s “haute cuisine?” Cantonese cooks live in area with abundant rainfall and tropical climate and this is where they get their local ingredients. Guangdong province is known as an agricultural area and Guangzhou in west Canton is a major seaport on the Pearl River.These places are known for their lush paddies and there are also a lot of pig and poultry farms throughout the land. Incorporating non-native ingredients with staple ones is a characteristic of many Cantonese cooks. Cantonese cooks have also incorporated Thai and Indian ingredients in their cooking, like coconut milk, rice noodles and curry powder.’ Cantonese cooks emphasize on the preservation of a food’s natural flavor and Cantonese cuisine is known for this. It is culinary sin for a Cantonese chef to produce an overcooked dish or one that is too heavily seasoned. Cantonese cooks consider it a culinary sin to overcook a dish or to season it too heavily. The unfortunate thing is that when Cantonese cooks went to foreign lands they had a difficult time reproducing native cuisine. Men were the first immigrants and these came from a society where women were the cooks. They then resorted to using non-native ingredients.
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Oyster sauce is a staple ingredient in Cantonese cooking which is made by boiling oysters together with special ingredients. A vegetarian version of oyster sauce is made with mushrooms. Some ingredients that figure prominently in Cantonese cuisine are the Chinese fermented black beans, also called salted black beans, and shrimp paste. A mixture of soybean paste with spices which is called Hoisin sauce is also a common ingredient in Cantonese cuisine.
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Cantonese cooks are fond of steaming foods and stir-fried ones.Cantonese cooking emphasizes on freshness that is why steaming is a preferred cooking technique and it is also the healthiest and least intrusive of all techniques.Cantonese cooks are said to be stir-frying experts. It is not only stir-fried and steamed foods that are popular Cantonese cuisine, but they do also have roast pork and duck recipes. A popular Cantonese dim sum treat is the steamed bun filled with roast pork. Beef with Oyster sauce and Steamed Chicken with Ginger Scallion sauce are two popular Cantonese dishes. Other popular Cantonese recipes include steamed sea bass, stir-fried garoup and Lobster Cantonese. The shark fin soup is a favorite among the locals in Canton. Influences of Southeast Asian cuisine on Chinese cooking is seen in their curry chicken which is made of chicken, curry power and vegetables cooked in coconut milk.With vegetable dishes, Cantonese cooks rely on what is available and reflects its wide variety and seasonality. Cantonese cuisine is artistically presented which is one of the most important characteristics of Cantonese food, aside from freshness and quality.

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