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Posted by: headm on: August 19, 2015

Tips for Buying a Fishing Kayak There are several types of fishing kayaks nowadays, and for first-time buyers, making a choice can be overwhelming. The best way around it is, of course, to know what these different types are and understand what makes them unique from each other. You can start by choosing from the two general kinds of fishing kayaks – sit-on-top or SOT and sit-in or SIK. SOTs come with a seat that is molded right above the main structure of the kayak, instead of inside a hollow tube. These kayaks are easier to enter and exit, are customizable, and also more comfortable because a person can as easily adjust his or her position. There are a few disadvantages however. Aside from being slow and heavy, SOTs also have a higher center of gravity, making them less stable. On the other hand, SIKs have that more common design in which the rider would be sitting in the hollow of the kayak. This means they move faster, are lighter to maneuver, and have more stability, not to mention they provide more protection against cold and wet conditions. Users, however, can become uncomfortable over a long period of time, and it is often hard to get in and off the boat.
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Propulsion System
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In terms of the propulsion system, a kayak can be driven by paddles, pedals, or a motor. The least expensive and most common choice is the paddle kayak. Paddle kayaks require no batteries or fuel, but they can be physically draining, especially for users who want to explore a lot. If you don’t think you can enjoy kayaking paddling, go motorized. Obviously, you don’t need paddles and you will be able to concentrate on your fishing. Motorized kayaks are a bit pricey though, not to mention heavier and more complicated in terms of set up and preparation. A third alternative is the pedal fishing kayak, which comes with flippers. To move the boat, you will be using your feet, meaning your hands will be free for fishing. Location Your intended area for fishing is also an important consideration as you pick a kayak to buy. It’s very different fishing in freshwater lakes and fishing in oceans. As waves in open bodies of water (such as the ocean) tend to be choppy, you don’t want to use a light kayak there. On the other hand, for more maneuverability in swamps, streams, and the like, a small kayak would be just perfect. Comfort Comfort is surely one of the more important factors to consider if you’re buying a fishing kayak. A basic kayak will typically have a plastic or hole seat, though others may have pads You will usually get a hole or plastic seat with a basic kayak, though others will have a padded seat. In any case, you should have enough space for stretching in the boat. If you want to buy a separate seat, make sure there’s enough space for you after you put the seat in the kayak. Storage Finally, if you’re buying a kayak for fishing, you’re going to need more storage space than other kayakers. Of course, you want that space for your bait and fishing rods, plus a cooler for keeping your catch. A fishing kayak should have enough room for each of these, plus other personal items you may need.

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