How The Domain Name Registration Process Works

Posted by: headm on: January 9, 2014

If you are serious about making money online, you may want to get familiar with domain name registration. Many webmasters are learning the value of having their own domain name and website hosting services. Free hosting and sub-domains work fine for personal sites, but you need to build credibility when you are business. Your own domain name shows how serious you are about business. Your domain name is how customers will remember you. For those who have never used website domain registration, the process can be intimidating. The process of domain name registration is actually simple once you learn how.

Choosing Domain Registration Services

Your domain name will be hosted with a domain registrar. Many hosting providers will give you a domain name only or a discount when you buy a hosting package. You need a web hosting services provider with good reputation and customer support 24/7. Look for contact information on the site. An honest service will list contact numbers and emails if you have any problems. The lack of support numbers may be an indication of a dishonest service. Choose a registrar with accreditation. Accreditation means the service favors good business practices.

Choosing a Domain Name

When you fill out the registration form with the domain registrar, you will have the task of selecting a domain name. This can be tricky since so many domains are already registered. You should choose a name based on the theme of your site. For example, if you have a cooking site, you want the domain name to reflect that. You will notice you have the choice of several top-level extensions. The most popular extension is the .com. Other extensions available include .net for network, .org for organizations, .info for information, and .edu for education sites. If your desired name is taken, try another extension. When you come to the payment page, you have the option of renewing your domain name, how many years you want, or buying bulk domains. Checking the renewal box is helpful because your domain name will not expire.

Having a domain name is worthwhile to build your reputation. The nice thing about a domain name is you will be the owner of it. It is your trademark so choose a name wisely.

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