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A Guide to Selecting Dental Chairs and Dental Stools A dental chair is very important because this is where all procedures are performed by a dentist on his patients. Positioning a patient in such a way that a dentist can properly perform his procedures and at the same time make the patient comfortable is the main purpose for dental chairs. The dentist then can look at the mouth and teeth easily. Having a good dental chair will not be so difficult for a dental assistant to help the dentist in the performance of dental procedures. Here are some important features to look for when choosing dental chairs, and these features help in protecting the dentist and his staff from muscular-skeletal injuries. Choose a dental chair that is well padded for the comfort of the patient and the dentist. This feature is actually very minor. Check the well padded chair if it is ergonomic. Choose a well padded dental chair that takes into account your body structure, and this is true with ergonomic dental chairs, which can also be adjusted.
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To prevent dentist from encountering back pains, he should choose a dental stool with the proper cylinder height. Since most stool cylinders are manufactured with the average height in mind, taller dentists should take extra care to purchase the stool with the appropriate height. A taller dentist will experience chronic low back pain if his dental stool is only fit for a shorter person. The same is true if a short dentist will have a dental stood made for a tall one. A stool that is more comfortable than a round stool is that with a waterfall edge and has ample padding at the front.
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The stool’s back rest should be adjustable or can move forward when the dentist or assistant does. Tilting seat pans are ideal for dental stools. With this feature, the dentist can prevent lower back pain and it make it easier for him to get nearer the patient. It is good to familiarize yourself with the functions of your new dental chair when you get one. Adjustability is the main benefit of an ergonomic dental chair. It is important to read all the paper work that came in with the new dental chair. Take the chance when there is a retailer that offers a trial period. To make your dental chairs last you a long time, there should be proper maintenance given to it. Maintaining your dental chairs is not an expensive task. You should use a manufacturer approved lubricant on all moving parts so that it will give you a smooth motion and a longer life. Purchasing a used dental chair when the budget does not allow a brand new one is also a good option to take.

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