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Posted by: headm on: November 9, 2015

Get Discounts When Buying A Car For car dealerships to generate profits, they are aiming to make the most on every sale. There are some factors on the other hand that influences the dealer’s pricing and may result to unbeatable discount prices for buyers of new car. Do your best on how you could take advantage of unadvertised deals similar to dealership overstock clearance sales, below invoice sale price, factory to dealer incentives and so forth. Invoice price vs. MSRP – when you see the MSRP or the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, this means that it’s just the suggested price for the car. The invoice price on the other hand is what auto dealership pays to the manufacturer to have a stock of the car. When looking for new car, you must aim paying less than the MSRP. Of course, the closer you pay to invoice price, the better your deal is going to be. You can make the most of your savings by being able to pay below the car’s invoice price. Factory dealer incentives – car manufacturers normally provide factory to dealer incentives in order to entice the car dealers to sell a specific model. Factory to dealer incentives allows the dealers to pay less than the car’s invoice price. There is no need for the dealers to advertise or even pass the discounts to consumers as they’re not obligated to do so. Some even keep this to be able to make additional profits while others are willing to pass this to pull in more customers.
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If you would like make the most of the factory to dealer incentive, then you better start practicing your negotiation skills. Because the dealer incentives are offered to all car dealerships regardless of the region, making the dealers to compete for you would persuade them to give you a lower price.
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Dealership overstock clearance – dealers have to pay in order to keep cars in stock. In case that a specific model is overstock, then the dealer should pay more and as a result, will get less on their sales. Most of the time, overstocked dealers are willing to sell new cars at or even below dealer’s cost just to make room for higher end or more sought cars. The longer a specific car model is on their lot, the more likely the dealer to drop their price for that model. Actually, the best time to make the most of such deals is buying for outgoing models or at the year end. Follow these tips when buying a brand new car and it will help you make the biggest savings for your money.

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