High Traffic, Controlled Climate

Posted by: headm on: February 9, 2014

Do you have some high traffic areas in your workplace between rooms with controlled climates? Do employees often end up leaving doors open due to moving goods or simply moving between the two spaces? This can result in the room temperature rising or falling too much as well as high costs due to lost energy and higher heating bills. If your current door isn’t doing the trick any more you may want to consider looking in to PVC strip doors as a way of helping keep your climates controlled and bills down.

With PVC strip doors you never have to worry about leaving a door open as the strips will not only simply slip back in to place once the person has passed through but they also will only move the required amount leaving no gaping holes for hot or cold air to escape through. Able to withstand temperatures as low as -17C as well as being anti-static, which is good for those cold dry air conditions, the PVC strips can also be tinted to indicate which section the person is entering if need be. A perfect solution for those busy areas in the work place at a fraction of the cost of an automatic door, PVC strip doors are a great, customisable way to solve your problem.

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