Healthy Diet For Heart Patients

Posted by: headm on: January 1, 2013

Healthy food helps heart patients in the prevention of another heart attack and lowers the risk of death. Consumption of fruits and vegetables along with proper medication lowers the recurrence of disease. Some patients think that drugs will take care of the disease and that it is too difficult and late to worry about food habits. Even small changes and modifications to include healthy food in the place of risky ones can go a long way in addressing the issue substantially. Nutrisystem Diet offers a safe harbor to achieve this.

The consumption of whole grains can be preferred to cereals. A minimum of five grams of fiber per day can be obtained this way. Butter can be replaced with spreads having canola or olive oil. The share of fruits and vegetables may be increased to fifty percent of the food consumed. Fish can be tried for minimum of two times in a week. For seasoning, spice or herb can be used in the place of salt.

Many people are convinced about the need to change the food habits for the better, but are hesitant starters. Food unfortunately is a well ingrained and settled habit in people. But the goal of health should override all such difficulties and egg the people to accept required changes for improving the quality of life.

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