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Posted by: headm on: July 20, 2017

One should take good care of the choice of hair. Human hair is available in various classifications that relate to the ethnic origin whereas synthetic hair cannot be exposed to chemicals and heat. Hair texture is classed as kinky, curly and straight and the quality is classed as remy and virgin hair. The latter terms refer to human hair.

Professionals make use of different methods to combine the hair to the virgin hair of their clients. There is the microscopic coupling shells method which makes use of microrings lined with silicon to join the hairs just behind the hairline.

The most recent method is known as Short2Long. Professionals use aluminum and attach the hair to each other. They prefer this method because they use no stretching, no tension and no chemicals. This along with the Hairlocs system is viewed as the safest methods applied. The great thing about the Short2Long styling is that a person can style and color as one would usually do and dryers, curlers and other utensils can be used without too much concern.

The other safe method and most reliable of methods is the Hairlocs styling. They use no glue, keratin and also no heat when applying the extensions. A person who struggles with thinning hair will find it a very valued solution and very little damage takes place when this is applied to the normal hair.

The quickest and cheapest method is the Malaysian method. They attach metal links to the natural hair and attach the extensions in groups which create the natural appearance. The invisible Strand method is the complete opposite. This is one of the most time consuming and expensive of methods. They join hair one by one and it takes numerous days to complete an entire head. The advantage is that one can have the extensions for up to a year without maintenance.

Braiding natural hair with the synthetic hair is also known as weaving. In most cases African American women style their hair by using this method. Washing, cutting and treating hair takes place as one would do with normal hair or go to www.lokshair.com.

To shampoo the hair after any of these methods are used is not troublesome. Considering a milder shampoo that contains little or no chemicals will be the only factor to keep in mind. Taking a little more care during brushing or combing is also important. Human hair has the tendency to tangle or mat when being washed and to eliminate this problem, one should was the hair with cooler water when washing the hair.

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