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Posted by: headm on: March 3, 2016

What Are The Ways to Prepare Paints and Coatings for Industrial Use? Almost all kinds of industrial paints are well built and designed to apply with ease on any types of surfaces. There are specific types of preparation methods in the application of industrial paints on each type of metal surfaces. One of the crucial element in the application of industrial paints in major projects is the familiarization of each of its different application methods and the different techniques in preparing different kinds of materials to be painted. Among metals that allow easy surface paint job is steel. The first step in doing a successful paint job would be clearing any foreign materials like rust and dust on the surface area that you are going to paint. To attain a desirable surface area to paint, you must strip all the top dirty layer of the area. Accomplishing this type of surface area can be achieved through a lot of ways. If you are going to clean the surface by hand, you can use sandpapers with fine grits would be an advisable material. Despite the decrease in popularity due to ineffectiveness, an etching primer could still be used in doing this. Excellent adhesion in the application of general purpose industrial primers also depends on how well you have prepared the surface. In order to achieve the smoothest substrate for the topcoat, sanding the primed area is often used before applying the topcoat paint. There are times that painting aluminum can prove to be a difficult job to do because of its smooth surface that sometimes hinders adhesion. Preparing aluminum surfaces for painting involves etching its surface with a degreaser or an acid wash. An etched surface is very effective in providing superior adhesion since paint can freely flow in the fissures created by the etching wash.
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Painting plastics and acrylics with industrial coatings is okay as long as you put into consideration the solvents to be used within the advised specific formulation. You can use products that are water reducible to sensitive materials in order to avoid damage to the surface being painted, to have a more desirable finish. If you are going to be painting acrylics, one of the best way to provide it with an excellent finish coat would be to use a primer. Since semi transparent acrylics have poor hiding due to the nature of its pigmentations, painting it with bright colored paints is encouraged. Blocking any filtered light from the substrate and improving adhesion can be done by applying thick coat of primer. You need to make sure that before doing an actual paint job on the project, you are able to do an application on designated test spots so that you can test if the materials are completely compatible, especially on cases of most plastics and acrylics.A Brief History of Solutions

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