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Posted by: headm on: November 10, 2015

Common Kinds Of Trucks Used In Heavy Haul Trucking Heavy trucks are equipped with metal hook and chains, which is made intentionally to haul heavy items or cars. Whether you believe it or not, there are numerous organizations such as fire department and law enforcement that either buy or rent these types of vehicle to help them maintain safety and order. On the other hand, building companies are using heavy haul trucking services for a number of different activities. Heavy hauling trucks are also known for hauling damaged cars after road accidents. But because of its capability to pull heavy objects, it received various modifications that are suitable for different functions it is made for. There are numerous types of these trucks being used by multiple sectors of the society that is meant to provide better living to people. In the following paragraphs are types of heavy haul trucks that are used in the society nowadays. Number 1. Chain and hook trucks – these types of trucks are one of the most common heavy haul trucks you will see today. Primarily, they are used to haul damaged cars off the road. Normally, this is being used by building companies to move tractors that broke down, self governing truck companies and the police force at the same time.
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Sometimes, people are calling these trucks as sling trucks. They are not as popular as before and are not used quite often anymore. They serve by wrapping chains on the frames and axels of the car to be able to haul them. However, because of the reason that this hauling process causes further damage and scratches to the car, this as a result is used only for hauling junk and wrecked vehicles.
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Number 2. Wheel lift trucks – these wheel lift trucks are used to haul broken cars much like the hook and chain trucks. These kinds of trucks have similar hook and chain but, it causes lesser damage. The difference of this is that it uses metal yokes than using chains. This is hooked under the back or front wheels that has to be hauled away. When the vehicle is hauled, the pneumonic hoist or the hydraulic lift is suspending either the back or front side of the car to be able to lift it from the ground. This is lessening the possible damage to the car while making the transport faster. Number 3. Boom trucks – moving cars from channel or out of hole, sometimes can’t be done by just hauling it. Boom trucks as a result are used to solve the problem.

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