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Posted by: headm on: October 31, 2015

Tips for Selecting the Best Contact Lens Cleaning Solution Contact lenses can be quite convenient and are a great secondary option for those with vision issues, and can be great for those who cannot or do not want to wear glasses. Contact lenses also have many benefits over regular glasses. Because contact lenses are constantly in contact with the eye, it is incredibly important that you maintain the hygiene and cleanliness required for contact lens care. If you leave the contact lenses unclean and do not keep up their maintenance, you can quickly develop an eye infection. It is for this reason that it is important to find a quality contact lens solution, that disinfects, cleans, and rinses your contacts. These tips will help you know what to look for in a contact lens solution, so you always have the highest quality vision, which is of the utmost importance. It is common for many contact lens wearers to choose the solution that is not right for them. Besides daily disposable lenses, most lens solution is located in the same place, and is stored in branded liquid cleansers. It is always best to contact your eye care specialist to discuss what solution will work best, but there are some things you can be on the look out for no matter what kind of lenses you own. Make sure you are purchasing a contact lens solution that is appropriate for your lens type. If you own soft contact lenses, you will want to be sure to choose a contact solution that cleans soft lenses. If you want your contacts to last, be sure you are keeping the lens type the same as the solution type.
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Multipurpose lens solutions are always preferred, as they not only clean but soften, disinfect, and remove debris and protein deposits from the lens. Make sure if you are using a multipurpose solution that you also wash your lenses with a saline solution before use.
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If you need a solution that deep cleans your lenses, opt for a multi-step cleanser over a multi purpose solution. Because these solutions are saline based, they feel very similar to human tears, which can provide comfort when wearing, as well as dissolve any harsh chemicals and dirt prior to placing them in your eyes. If you have lenses with mineral deposits or smudges that need to be cleaned, a hydrogen peroxide based solution will work best for you. Be sure if you are using this type of product to rinse it well before you’re put them on to avoid any discomfort. Having the proper education in contact lens solution types will allow you to choose a solution that cares for your lenses, keeps them lasting, and keeps your eyes healthy.

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