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Posted by: headm on: September 10, 2015

Hiring an Accident Attorney Have you or someone you know been injured? You should seriously consider hiring an attorney to represent you or your loved one. Immediately following an incident, it can seem overwhelming to almost everyone, so let a pro handle all the minor and major details. Accident attorney get a bad rap sometimes, but they can be the best investment you ever made. You’ll want to have a professional accident attorney to negotiate your case, the other party involved will have one from their insurance company. An experienced accident attorney can make a huge difference in you personal injury case. A good lawyer will help you navigate your way through the mountain of paperwork and information you need to gather. A good attorney will insure you get your expenses paid and fair compensation for your injuries. Here is an overview of what their job entails. First and foremost they will determine if you have a case. He or she will assess all the data available and talk to witnesses and police. Sometimes after evaluation, it is recommended to not file suit. If they decide to proceed, the investigation becomes more thorough and detailed. This is the point of the process where they might hire an expert witness. If needed, this would be the time an accident re-constructionist would be hired. Following the expert witnesses report, a detailed questions list will be sent to the other party’s lawyer.
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The next step is crucial. Filing claims can be mind boggling. Your attorney will file all the claims with the state after the investigation stage is complete. Let your accident attorney handle all the details to ensure a proper and complete filing. This next step is traditionally what we think an accident attorney does.
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Strike a deal the the injuring party’s insurance company. Using the information gathering during the investigation stage, the attorney will negotiate fair and equitable compensation for you. Going to trial can be very expensive and time consuming. Most attorneys will handle accident cases on a contingency basis. Time is money, and some cases can take years to come to trial, this must weigh in your decision to settle or not. if you cannot reach settlement, the lawyer will handle the court process as well. Speaking with your employer, the accident attorney will make sure you will have a job to go back to after recovery. If your case needs to be litigated, he or she will make sure all motions, depositions and witnesses are in order. As you can see, hiring an attorney to represent you is the smart thing to do. Call a lawyer if you get hurt.

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