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Posted by: headm on: February 7, 2014

Howard singled All-Star Game? James Wong: Crazy but in reality

Beijing December 9, according to the United States “bleachers sports” reported the next NBA All-Star will be held in New Orleans next year on February 17. Theoretically, when a situation may arise in which the Miami Heat small forward LeBron – James served as the Eastern Star team center. But he appears to have little interest in this.

“No way, this thing has never happened to me before.” When a reporter mentioned to him the possibility that James burst out laughing, “You’re not kidding?”

Last season, NBA All-Star Game restructuring, abolition of the “center” and only “up front” and “back field” these two locations. According to the final vote, James and Anthony in the “up front” position breakdown of the first and second, the votes came in third to fifth ahead of Kevin – Kevin Garnett, Chris Bosh – and Tyson – Chandler.

This season, Wholesale Jerseys Cheap the Nets shot Garnett turn sluggish performance, Wholesale Jerseys, then he may not be able to get as high as in previous years, the support rate; Roy – Hibbert Although today is considered the best center in the east, but He is not the highest degree of concern Pacers players now being igned to “up front” position – Paul George more promising results impact voted the top three.

2014 the first batch of All-Star poll results will be announced next Friday, starting roster of the east and west will be announced on January 24 next year. From now, James, Anthony and George is a former farm in eastern lineup three most popular candidate, although three of them are born small forward, but James and Anthony play inside more opportunities in the game, especially James, he have repeatedly over each other’s defensive center in the game.

“. It really is too much fun,” James continued, “It’s crazy, I will serve as the center on the All-Star Game and Dwight -!?? Howard counterpoint”

This is indeed likely. Last year, Howard ranked second in the poll results western frontcourt, behind Durant. Not surprisingly, then, he still will be locked starting position of a West All-Star Game in 2014. Not to mention since joining the Rockets, “World of Warcraft” performance is better when the Lakers in last season.

“Yes, Dwight votes may lead the West.” James said.

do not want to play in the All-Star game center, but James believes the restructuring after poll cool. So then he would consider becoming a tissue-type center it?

“I think she will!” he said, “like ‘Magic’ in the finals that year.”

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