Fabric is the New Way to Catch Attention

Posted by: headm on: April 18, 2014

With the texture of the material, the bright colors & graphic photograph quality images, & along with the sheer size that can be met by fabric display products they are definitely the way to get your company noticed at the next large Trade Show, Conference, or Media Event.

Various products are available on the market to meet any of the needs of any company or organization who need to take advantage of this great new trend.

Currently there’s lots of different versions of displays available on the market:

The first example is tabletop stretched ‘fabric’ (also known as “stoffen” in Dutch language) displays.

This is always the smallest stretched fabric display a design company can offer; with tabletop display systems being a top quality, affordable, & quick & straightforward to set up. Giving you a display system which actually fits right on top of any table; keeping its eye popping matchless & classy design right at eye level for all of your customers & trade show kiosk visitors. This stretched fabric product is present in a lot of shapes & sizes to meet any of your tabletop design needs.

After the tabletop displays the next version of the stretched fabric you will find are products that are offered on a much larger scale…for example 8′ to 10′ displays & 20′ and displays. You can also visit http://nnstoffen.nl for more details.

8′ – 10′ Stretch Fabric Display

At this large size fabric displays involve a lightweight sturdy aluminum frame which holds the superior quality Photograph Stretch Graphic Fabric in whatever set up you chose…combining it with numerous accessories to create that ideal innovative booth display you have always envisioned.

20′ And Stretch Fabric Display

These are the largest types of displays offered by companies & they come in a wide range of shapes & sizes. For these large displays the tensioned fabric can incorporate lots of other top of the line accessories. Including built in custom shelving, stand off graphics, & monitor support which creates a display system that is an interactive, eye-catching performance. By purchasing of these giant displays along with all of their customizable options the twenty foot fabric stretched display is an added element to your exhibit that cannot be matched by the competition.

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