Extended Validation SSL Certificate By Ready Cache

Posted by: headm on: October 18, 2013

Security is vital when you are doing business online. Your website is a ripe target for hackers and other internet criminals. Whats more, customers expect you to have privacy policy that says your servers are encrypted. This is why you need to buy SSL certificates from an organisation like readycache. This UK-based organisation performs some other roles too, including offering multiple Content Delivery Networks, dynamic page pre-loading, web page compression and dynamic latency routing among others.
Extended Validation SSL certificate is one of the three certificates you could opt for. It seems like the best to apply for as it involves vetting of your company identity details in the following manner.
-Legal, physical and operational existence of your organisation verification.
-Confirming that your organisation has unique right to use domain that is specified in the EV SSL certificate.
-Confirming that the identity of your company goes with the official records.
-Confirming that your organisation has authorised the issuance of the Extended Validation SSL certificate.
The vetting process follows the four things I have enumerated above. All types of businesses including government agencies can apply for the EV SSL certificate via ready cache. The certification process is very strict and is edited every year to ensure ongoing integrity with regard to how genuine your organisation serves customers.

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