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Posted by: headm on: July 27, 2013

6.6 , 2013NBA finals broke out, the Spurs core Tim – Tim Duncan will be toward the individual first five championship rings attack. In an interview today, although Duncan admits LeBron – James compared to six years ago, a lot stronger, 2013 mlb all star jerseys  but the Spurs will not concern merely a man in his body.

relative to emphasize the body inside and Grizzlies, the Heat are a completely different style team. Whether you are looking forward to this?

Duncan: both (Memphis and Miami) different style, and the Heat will be faster pace of the game, will be more open shots, but this round of the series is definitely not a lack of physical confrontation.

With increasing age, the court there is anything that you previously often do not do now?

Duncan: I used to be able to regularly dunk.

When you see LeBron – James, after being so close attention, you feel very fortunate?

Duncan: Of course I’m happy to not have to bear such pressure.

James  you believe there’s thirst for vengeance against the Spurs do? If you believe that, do you think?

Duncan: He is a fighter, so I’m sure he will not forget. And six years ago, mlb all star jersey 2013  he now leads is a completely different team. Moreover, he has been holding a championship ring.

Do you think James really strong compared to six years ago, how much?

Duncan: round. His shot is more stable, more confident in the field, around helper also better. So we are now the focus was not just one person in his body.

07 年 Spurs win, you had James said, “sooner or later will be your league.” At that time you will have anticipated the future to meet again in the finals do?

Duncan: I can not predict that we can meet again in the finals, but I understand his strength, but I have no doubt that he was able to return to the Finals. Very pleased and honored to be on stage with him in this rematch.

heard Popovic and his teammates often take ages to make fun of you, and you seem to enjoy it?

Duncan: I was young I would make fun of the team’s veterans, such as David – Robinson or Terry – Porter and so on. This is the same reason. I find very interesting, but the most important thing is, I still play here, but played well.

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