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Posted by: headm on: May 2, 2016

An Introduction to Hypnosis Therapy The field of health and medicine has evolved and improved significantly in the last century, but many individuals are often afraid of invasive operations or long term rehabilitations that are both costly and will take them away from work for some time. A lot of times, patients try to use health supplements first, or enroll in short term therapies in an attempt to avoid invasive procedures, and just use these as a last resort for treatment. Today, more people are starting to rely on shorter therapies like hypnotherapy, which many people believe can be very helpful in many health problems from psychological issues like phobias and cases of depression, to losing weight and minimizing or eliminating pain. Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that creates new behaviors, responses, feelings, and thoughts, by penetrating the subconscious mind to induce suggest positive changes. Hypnosis has been used since the ancient times to treat illnesses, with the first known records originating from India where patients are managed in ancient temples using meditation and religious rituals. However, a psychologist, years later, managed to identify hypnosis properly and linked its function in psychotherapy. In the many years that followed, hypnotism began to be linked with other similar therapies like mesmerism and magnetism, which were popular back then. In 1820, years before anesthesia was developed in the medical fields, a doctor in France was able to successfully complete a medical surgery using hypnotic anesthesia.
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Today, students and professionals that want to venture in hypnotherapy and make it a profession are required to undergo educational courses and certifications which can take a couple of days or weeks to finish, although some state laws may require applicants to possess a medical education background already or a graduate level of education. There are also short training periods provided afterwards to prepare students in the various techniques and challenges encountered in the field of hypnotherapy before it can be practiced professionally.
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Modern hypnotic therapies seem to have countless uses in the medical field today than common cases of phobias and cessation of smoking. Hypnotherapists today claim that it can also address problems in sleeping, PTSD, anxiety and stress, nail biting, drug dependence, allergies, public speaking confidence, motivation, procrastination, sexual function, and even in dental and medical surgeries as a form of anesthesia. It has also been reported to help in improving the immune system and accelerate healing process in patients. Hypnotherapy is a good option for a lot of individuals that are not sure about longer rehabilitation programs or costly invasive procedures, but patients should ensure that they consult with experienced and certified hypnotherapists to get the best results possible.

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