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Posted by: headm on: October 1, 2015

Advantages of Finding the Best Synthetic Urine Laboratory urine that exhibits all the elements of real urine is known as synthetic urine. Synthetic urine is premixed to be like real urine in terms of pH balance, gravity, creatinine level, uric acid and urea. With synthetic urine, one is assured of a ready pee whenever they need it. Synthetic urine does not require special preparation prior to use. You only have to ensure that it has the temperature of real urine. There are some excellent merits that are associated with using the best synthetic urine for any purpose. Synthetic urine works to pass a urinalysis test if you use a reliable brand of fake urine. It is a common phenomenon to encounter products that do not work to ensure you pass the test. Most laboratories have become advanced that they can detect synthetic urine in just a matter of minutes. In your search for the best synthetic urine, high-quality brands are an important consideration. It is important to know whether you will be under surveillance when you take the pee. Many companies have come to realize that people use fake urine to pass drug tests, so be sure that all the critical factors are taken care of. One of the most significant advantages of synthetic urine is that it is generated from a laboratory environment. Only a laboratory can produce synthetic urine that contains all the suitable elements to mimic real urine. It has the same characteristics as the urine generated from the human body. The elements include creatinine, urea, uric acid and other features contained in real urine.
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It is of concern to many people that synthetic urine can be tested in any laboratory setting. That may be true since most synthetic urine samples may be missing elements that are found in real urine from a human body. It is worth noting that this should not bother you. The best synthetic urine has all the features contained in real urine such as uric acid and urea. You should not be fooled into believing that urea is the same as uric acid. For any urine to be claimed valid, it has to contain urea, this is because urea is found in urine from a human body.
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Synthetic urine is made to be unisex; thus, can be used by any gender; either man or woman. Synthetic urine is hard to detect if it contains the elements of real urine. You need not worry because synthetic urine can help you pass any drug tests. It is readily available; thus, very convenient to be used. By reheating the sample, you can put it to use more than once. When taking a test, always ensure to maintain the urine at the right temperature so that it can just mimic real urine.

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