Do Not Choose a Graduation Dress Alone

Posted by: headm on: May 8, 2012

Whether it is graduating from college or high school, graduation is still one of the single most exciting moments in someone’s life. I know from personal experience when it was time for my graduation, the best part was picking out my graduation dress. Not only did it have to be professional and unique; but also elegant and respectful. I wanted people to see how serious I was about furthering my career and being a contributing part of society. I know I was only 18 when I graduated high school and 23 when I graduated college, but I was serious then and I am serious now.

I remember going graduation dress shopping with my mother and my older sister. That in itself was interesting and laughable if you were a bystander just listening in. my family is genuinely bitterly honest. Not to be hurtful, but to save us from mistakes. We all seem to go by the same saying, ‘Just because it is in your size, does not mean you should wear it’. And we live by that every day. It just makes the fashion world easier to deal with. Chances are if I had gone on my own, I would have ended up with a horrendous dress.

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