Different Options for Remaining Mobile

Posted by: headm on: February 14, 2014

As we age, we find ourselves needing a bit more help with tasks that were simple for us before. One of the most frustrating problems is finding it more difficult to get from one place to another. Fortunately, there are many different options for mobility products that will fit your individual needs. If it is a loved one who needs some assistance with their mobility, it is not always easy to know exactly what is needed, but with the advice of a physician and a little bit of education, the decision will be made a little easier.

An obvious and simple example of a mobility product would be the walking stick or cane. They provide just enough balance for the user to continue walking and remaining mobile. Perhaps the user has just had surgery, resulting in one leg temporarily being weaker than the other. A mild stroke can also cause imbalance, as can weak ankles or knees. A walking stick will certainly aid in the above examples as it will relieve the pressure being applied to the weaker leg.

A walker is somewhat the same except it provides stability to both sides of the body, left and right, unlike a walking stick. From the patient’s perspective it is an upside down “U” with rubber handled grips on the left and right. Some have wheels, others do not. A walking frame is particularly useful around the home and can help the user to move from room to room with greater ease.

Nowadays a popular, but slightly more expensive mobility product is the mobility scooter. This is an ideal piece of equipment for those who are unable to walk either long or short distances outside. They are quite large pieces of equipment so are not really suited for indoor use but are perfect for enabling those who struggle with their mobility to remain active outside. They often come with storage available which makes them perfect for shopping trips.

Wheelchairs have improved in leaps and bounds over the years, some remaining simple and others with electric motors and customised controls. A wheelchair can be used indoors and out and they can be either self propelled or used with the assistance of others such as a care worker.

Home elevator systems and stair lifts are highly effective in preventing injury whilst ascending and descending a staircase. Even if you only have a two story home, a lift or elevator is an exceptional solution to maintaining your lifestyle. Many live alone and desire to continue to do so, but the potential for accidents in a two story house is always there.

It is a fact of life that we will all get older. Fortunately every year there are improvements in mobility products. The convenience they bring, aids the lives of those who need to have a little extra assistance in remaining independent. You can find more on mobility products at Firefly Mobility, but if you need specific advice tailored to your own situation, always speak with a healthcare professional.

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