Crimes Committed By The Insurance Companies

Posted by: headm on: September 23, 2012

You should be careful when signing up for any insurance polices. This is because of the recent scam over the PPI policies. Most insurance companies are being accused of defrauding their clients millions of pounds through this policy scheme. What happens is that a particular insurance company teams up with a financial institution especially big banks. They collude with these banks to give loans to those people who are willing to sign up for this policy. This way, if you do not sign up for the policy, then you do not get a loan. As such, because of the hard economic times, most people who want loans end up signing up for the policy. But what the banks do not tell these clients is that the premiums they pay for this particular insurance policy are refundable. So when the clients finish repaying their loans, they can not claim for a refund of their premiums because they do not know that they can actually do it. Do not be one of these victims. The total premium of this insurance policy is a lot of money. Claim for a refund of your premiums through a licensed PPI claims company near you today.

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