Creating Flash Tutorials With Adobe Captivate

Posted by: headm on: December 12, 2013

Flash is among coolest, most dynamic development platforms I’ve ever worked with, and Captivate is the better way to teach someone how to utilize it. In this essay I’ll explain the best way to make a Flash guide using Adobe Captivate. Actually, the techniques discussed may be put on creating an article for any application, but Flash could be the target when I give examples.

Report the Screen

Adobe Captivate offers three recording processes for recording: Demonstration, Assessment Simulation, and Training Simulation. These methods have several pre-set options which can be customized to meet the particular needs of the simulation. Like, if you like all the options that are associated with a demonstration, pick the Demonstration mode, but click next, and the Options button the Edit Settings button to open the Recording Mode drop-down list. At this time you are able to simply select or de-select the options to meet your requirements.

When I mentioned earlier, Flash has many methods for doing a similar thing, but every method can’t be covered in a single article. I recommend demonstrating the most common method within your tutorial. If you are narrating your lesson, that we suggest, you could mention the less-common techniques within your narration without actually demonstrating how they are applied. If you want to get training classes of adobe captivate, you can search sites like trainingconnection.com/captivate-training.php.

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