Complaints on the Old Gulf Coast Claims Facility

Posted by: headm on: July 18, 2012

Due to the increasing number of complaints against the old facility handling the BP claims, the legislative department of the US government under the Attorney General was appointed to investigate. The said department audited the Gulf Coast Claims Facility to find out if these accusations regarding the bias and slow handling of cases were committed by the administration. For those who have witnessed what happened with regards to the Gulf Coast oil spill, the trauma felt like it never will end.

Many victims felt frustrated due to the slow processing of their claims and the unfair handling of their cases. A huge number were denied, underpaid and approved yet given empty promises. Complaints regarding the administration of Feinberg, the BP administrator, included long processing and sending of claims. Also, there are complaints regarding lack of parity. Unclear reasons of why many were denied are also what they complain about.

Due to these reasons and many others, the government decided to cease operations of the Gulf Coast claims center. A federal judge was appointed to supervise the processing and approval of the claims. He also gave preliminary approval for those who experienced injustice as far as the victims of the spill are concerned. It is hoped my these victims that the new system shall be more just and quick in handling their claims.

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