Cloud Computing And Panda Antivirus

Posted by: headm on: October 27, 2013

Different types of antivirus programs are available for your PC. If you have been around computers for any length of time you may have heard about this new form of computing called cloud Programming.

Cloud Programming is basically web based programs that allow you to work from anywhere there is internet service. Instead of the program being loaded on your local personal computer the programs are loaded to multiple mega server farms. This is a basic definition of cloud based computing, the wave of the future. This style programming is all new and it is believed to be taking over the computer industry.
Some of the programs that are cloud based.

You probably have heard of Skype. Skype is a very popular voice and video chat over the internet system. Now Skype is looking to move into the world of cloud computing. Hopefully shortly they will make that transition.< is Panda cloud antivirus. This antivirus program sends files and data to Panda servers which take a look at the data to evaluate whether the file is harmful or not. I have seen how well Panda cloud antivirus also offers a paid ProEdition besides their free cloud based antivirus program that gives your computer total protection. One of the things that I found using Panda is that it frees up a lot of the computer system resources on your local computer. You can also search through www.smbantivirusreviews.com/panda-antivirus-review/ about panda antivirus software programs very easily.

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