Childproofing Advice For Doors And Pool Gates

Posted by: headm on: September 9, 2013

There’s nothing quite like the moment of heart-stopping panic when you realize you cant see your small child and you don’t know where they are. When you have a pool in the back yard, that feeling of panic is intensified. Drowning is the second highest cause of accidental death for small children, who can slip in and lose consciousness in less than a couple of minutes.

That’s why sensible parents will invest in a pool gate and enclosure to protect small children from taking an unplanned, scary swim. There are many kinds of mesh fences you can get that surround the pool and turn it from a danger area to a safe play zone. A pool alarm can alert any unsuspecting parents before disaster happens.

We’ve all turned our backs for a minute and recoiled with horror at the chaos small children can quickly get into but luckily for most of us, it hasn’t led to tragedy. Pool gates can be installed with an alarm which goes off as soon as the gate is opened, alerting you to danger. Its also possible to get a personal immersion detector that attaches to your child’s arm, which gives you even more peace of mind.

If you need assistance with the installation of these kinds of child safety devices, and advice on additional measures contact a local locksmith in your area. You wouldn’t necessarily consider a locksmith for child proofing measures like these, but they are well equipped to help get doors and even outdoor pool areas secured for small children. They are especially helpful if you aren’t mechanically inclined or don’t have the tools needed.

Its not just swimming pools that put your child at danger. Many curious children are injured in their own homes in other ways, for example with little fingers that can be easily crushed or trapped in the hinged sides of doors that open and close.

Safety conscious parents are turning to door safety products, which can be attached to traditional doors like Fingersafe which is a door hinge guard that prevents hands and fingers from being pinched or crushed.

While sliding doors have no hinges for little fingers to get stuck in, they can get crushed between the frame and the door itself which can be quite heavy. There are many different types of slide bars that will prevent the sliding door from opening at all.

One of the most innovative products in child safety for the home is the Door Guardian, from Cardinal Gates. This clever little metal device is not only a childproof lock which prevents small children from opening a door, but also a security measure resisting forced entry from outside. The National Safe Kids Campaign in Washington DC has called it: “One of the best new child safety products”.

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