Can Garcinia Cambogia Extract Stop You From Feeling Hungry?

Posted by: headm on: February 4, 2014

Pure garcinia cambogia extract has always been known as a spice used to add flavor and color to different food, but it seems that this well known spice actually has some weight loss benefits. Dr. Oz – Well known celebrity doctor – found out that the extract could stop people from feeling hungry and ultimately reduce the effects of over-eating. A study published by Whole Foods magazine states that 100 percent of people who tried garcinia cambogia extract to see if it would stop them feeling hungry found that it did, and that they lost weight because of it.

If you’re wondering how it actually works, it basically simulates the chemical response the brain produces when you eat carbohydrates and foods that will ultimately make you have more fat. This is due to an ancient survival instinct that made us look for food that would make us fatter and warmer. The extract of garcinia cambogia tricks your brain into thinking that you’ve just eaten carbohydrates, and produces the same chemical reaction but without the weight gain.

This ultimately means that you don’t feel the need to eat more fattening food. You may still want to, but you have an increased ability to turn away and not eat. Dr. Oz tested this by allowing two test subjects to eat whatever they wanted over a weekend. By the end of the weekend one had lost 3 pounds and the other 5 pounds. This is irrefutable proof that it works even when you can eat whatever you want.

With a healthy dosage of garcinia cambogia daily, you’ll find yourself becoming slimmer the next day. You’ll also feel healthier as you won’t have the urge to snack when you get home after a long or stressful day. If you want to try this out, look for a certain compound and take 88-90 mg of it per day.

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