Business Opportunities For A Server Reseller

Posted by: headm on: September 23, 2013

Online hosting services have some intriguing opportunities for those interested in being a server reseller. This is a beneficial resource for a variety of organizations. The hosting service will appreciate having someone sell their product and the clients will enjoy having access to someone who acts as an agent for the host so they can get better service. A dedicated server reseller can use their talent as an Internet marketing specialist to promote the opportunity to their contacts and make a profit.

Reseller Opportunities

The benefits of a hosting reseller means that clients get a good price on the hosting service and products. The host will be able to more fully utilize their resources without spending as much time and effort on marketing, which is not their strength. By giving agents a server, they can offer better prices to those who want to use a shared server. It will be a lot easier to sell servers to the resellers who can sell multiple shares for an effective profit. This is a more efficient use of marketing dollars and has a high return for the effort. Resellers will be more motivated to recruit new clients as they will earn more. Since the people who need this service are already online, resellers will have access to a highly motivated group of contacts in their network.

Hosting Opportunities

While the dedicated hosting reseller stands to profit from bringing in new clients, the host will be able to sell monthly service to the clients for recurring income. The reseller will still act as an agent for the host to help answer questions and resolve any customer service issues the clients have. This is an effective, and profitable, business model that a lot of organizations will find to be a valuable resource.

Server Options

Many resellers only offer access to a shared server as they bought a dedicated server. However, there are also dedicated servers available, but they may not be as affordable. The most efficient way to take advantage of services from a server reseller is to get shared hosting from their dedicated hosting resources. The host will provide quality maintenance and updates so there are no service issues. If you would like to become a reseller you can contact a dedicated hosting provider like 100TB and they can get you set up with one of their reseller plans.

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