Brandon Rios Means Business In Winning The Fight

Posted by: headm on: November 21, 2013

Brandon bam bam Rios is training really hard and has been doing some advance fight strategies just to keep up with Manny the peoples champ Pacquiaos pace this is in preparation for the Pacquiao vs Rios fight in Macau. Brandon Rios wanted to prove to every boxing followers and fans as well that he is no punching bag and a sparring partner to Manny Pacquiao after being branded to be the underdog of the fight.

Though there have been a series of discussions between these fighters, on the other hand, they remained focus until the date of the event. Brandon Rios who has received a lot criticism has told the media that he will prove everybody wrong and that he is no underdog. Rios who happens to have a static fighting style and is flat footed was compared to Manny Pacquiaos skill in the ring that Rios will not stand a chance for the title. Brandon Rios did not pay attention to this but instead he focuses in his training and has been collaborating with his coach about strategies to counter Manny Pacquiaos speed and evasiveness. Rios camp have been working really hard to keep their fighter as conditioned as ever and they will make sure as well that he will be in great form in the ring somehow putting a pressure on Manny.

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