Birthday Wrapping Paper Was All It Took

Posted by: headm on: May 11, 2012

I thought we were never going to find something for the birthday party for my daughters friend. Three hours and two toy stores later she still hadn’t found anything. I was getting so desperate I started making suggestions. While this usually doesn’t go over too well, my daughter was more receptive than usual.

Finally she confessed that she was having a hard time finding a present because she didn’t really know that much about the girl and she didn’t want to get her something she wouldn’t like. While I thought this was a sweet concern I was less than sympathetic by this point and I told her to simply pick something because no matter what she would like it. Although she gave me her “whatever” look she skipped down to the rack of sunglasses and started trying them on.

I got excited thinking that the search was almost over, but I was wrong. She had given up on finding the perfect gift for her friends birthday present and opted to shop for herself. After once again refocusing her attention on the task at hand, we found a present. We took it to the counter and paid for it. As we were walking out the door I remembered that they gift wrapped upon request. So instead of leaving we returned to the counter and asked her to wrap the presents in some birthday wrapping paper. After the ordeal finding the present there was no way we were going to go on a hunt to buy wrapping paper if we could avoid it.

As I suspected the gift was as much of a hit as all the other gifts she got. The birthday girl was excited to get presents and really didn’t care what she got as long as she got to unwrap something. So while it was a little anti-climatic for my daughter who wanted the birthday girl to really be in awe of the gift she gave her, it all ended well.

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