Best Spraying Techniques using Automotive Paint Sprayers

Posted by: headm on: July 29, 2013

It is a better idea to repaint your vehicle when it is old enough with faded paints on it. You might not be able to afford for a new vehicle and at the same time, you might prefer to make your vehicle appear new. This is possible by repainting your vehicle. For this, many car spray paints are available in the market that comes in lot many varieties, each having its own unique specialty. You should understand that most of the car spray paints use compressed gas that enable the paint to be sprayed.

Again, the choice of airless spray paint gun depends on the type of your requirement. You might just need to touch up or you might need to paint it completely and heavily to make it completely new. If the project to just touch up then, you can use regular canned spray paints which are available in aerosol cans and are under high pressure. To apply, you need to move your arm continuously and quickly for a light coat on the targeted area. During the process, you might also need to move the can or else you might end up with inconsistency.

If the project is big, then you might use big spray applicators that combines the paint with air for acquiring adequate pressure. Here also, you might need to move your arm for resulting in a light coat. The disadvantage with these sprayers is that only 1/3rd reaches the targets while 2/3 go into air.

Using HVLP at your Best

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayer is another type of technique available that is almost similar to conventional type except that the gun works under low pressure. These guns use higher volumes of air and if used over cars in a proper way, you can overcome the disadvantage of paint wastages. The results can be 2/3 rd reaching target area and only 1/3 going into air. There can be certain areas that are difficult to reach. Such areas can be painted using electrostatic spray painting.

The techniques involved in the equipment purely depend on the type and style of gun you choose. There is no need to worry about the instructions of usage as every gun is provided with a manual that clearly guides you with the usage. Whatever the style or type of the gun you choose; usage method usually requires you to move your arm throughout the operation.

At the end, it is necessary for you to practice before sitting on the floor or else you might end up with loss in spite of bargaining for the kit to profit your pocket.

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