Best Quality Hidden Litter Box

Posted by: headm on: July 8, 2012

In selecting the best hidden litter box for your cat, you will need to consider a few things. First, bear in mind as you check out the many hidden litter boxes available online or in pet stores if you want a litter box that is covered, or otherwise. Is it more ideal to choose a hooded litter box, given your cat’s size, behavior and preferences? Litter boxes that are covered tend to leave homes cleaner, as kitty litter and cat poop are least likely to end up all over your pieces of furniture and carpet. With a covered box, litter will be contained within the unit. You will not be left anxious about stepping on litter, which tends to land all over floors, with un-hooded litter boxes. With boxes that are hooded, you will also be stopping cats from peeing beyond the litter box’s edge. This way, you will also be able to control odor.

Hooded Vs Open Hidden Litter Box

A cat owner finds himself trying to choose between a hooded hidden litter box, and one that is open. While clearly, with a hooded litter box, the smell coming from the litter box is most likely to be controlled more, and also, covered litter boxes tend to leave homes cleaner and pieces of furniture free of litter and streaks of cat poop. However, the problem with hooded hidden litter boxes is that they tend to leave cats feeling somewhat claustrophobic, on account of their size. There are also cats that do not like the small space closing when they go in. In order to go with the perfect litter box for your cat, you may also want to consider what your cat’s needs are. This will help you assess if your cat could make use of a manual litter box better, or a basic one. As a busy individual, you might be interested in an automatic litter box, as this will not require you to clean it manually.

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