Best Phlebotomy Tech Training in Arizona

Posted by: headm on: October 24, 2013

In order to work as a professional phlebotomist, you need to get trained in the technicalities of this profession. The first step is, without doubt, to sign up for phlebotomy tech courses. Being a phlebotomist entails drawing the blood from the patients body for the purpose of blood transfusions and various medical tests and hence it needs proper training. Given below are the best centers for phlebotomy training in Arizona.

Central Arizona College

This 16 week, well distributed training program is just what you need for starting your career as a professional phlebotomist. Out of the 16 weeks, eight weeks are dedicated to core classroom training where you are taught the intricacies of the phlebotomy work. You are taught all about venipuncture and collecting blood samples. Thereafter, what follows is another 8 weeks of practical training of the concepts taught to you in the classroom training sessions. As a result of such a diverse curriculum, the trainees become all rounder specialists in phlebotomy and their professional path becomes smoother.

Estrella Mountain Community College

In Arizona, this college provides a highly effective training program that can be completed in as less as 14 weeks. With a high school diploma or equivalent certification you can enroll here. Besides blood sample collecting, the trainees are also taught medical coding and computer skills. With a combination of theoretical as well as clinical experience, this center of phlebotomy training in Arizona makes efficient phlebotomy specialists.

Arizona Medical Training Institute

This program starts unconventionally. There is an eLearning module that is to be completed before taking up the on campus classroom module. This lasts for about a month, after which the trainee needs to do a practical training before being designated to various medical centers. This is a good center for phlebotomy training in Arizona.

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