Best Coated IPhone 5 Glass Screen Protector

Posted by: headm on: January 27, 2014

Currently, the iPhone 5 glass screen protector that is highly coated serves as the best option in the market, many are opting for this glass protector. This is due to the fact that the screen protector comes with a surface that is very clear. Its coating that gives it value is hard, ensuring that it is scratch proof as well as easy to wipe. It is also resistant to oil as well as glossy. This will ensure that you can easily wipe off fingerprints as well as smudges. Its delicate touch ensures that it is very responsive when you touch it. The glass protector has a good compatibility with the iPhone 5.

The product has got a very low weight that you will not even feel by including it on your phone. Its resolution is very high giving you the best response to your desires. It has purposefully made to offer protection for your screen against any damages as well as scratches. Well enough the screen also offers shock absorbency. This will ensure that there are no any damages resulting from bumps and other shocks that you might be experiencing in the day. With iPhone 5 glass screen protector, you have the best solution for your phone.

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