Benefits Of Diamond Simulants

Posted by: headm on: January 16, 2014

Alternative to diamonds are called diamonds simulants or man made diamonds. Companies like Nue diamonds produce (or better to say, they grow them) in a lab. There are some benefits if we compare them with mined gems. First of all, the simulants are not created in Africa, which is a distant country for many people in the world. African territory is also suffering of war in areas where the natural diamonds are mined, so many conflicts occur there just because of diamonds. So we can say that growing a diamond in a lab is more ethical. In a movie Blood Diamond, the conflicts and civil wars are better explained.

Beside ethical reasons, there are also other reasons that give a plus to the simulants. Man made diamonds are eco-friendly because there is no mining happening for producing a simulant. Child labor is also avoided in this case. Companies like Nue diamonds that sell simulants like to give the impact on price because simulants are affordable and people can save money if they decide to purchase the simulant. It seems that the simulant is around 20 or even 30 % cheaper than the mined gem. That is the average price. We may conclude that the price makes the biggest difference.

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