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Posted by: headm on: November 9, 2013

In the past few years, web-hosting and websites have become increasingly costly and complicated in their design and operation. For the basic customer, the costs and hassles of purchasing and maintaining the equipment needed to host a simple website are out of the question. Many of todays modern web hosting clients seek a no frills and cost-effective solution to for their hosting needs. Enter HostGator.com, a shared hosting solution for the basic web customer. HostGator provides small businesses, online entrepreneurs, and bloggers alike a shared web hosting service that is maintenance free, offers excellent tech support, and wont endlessly hound you offers to buy additional products once you have already become a customer.

HostGator has committed themselves to be customer oriented and one of the best examples of this is their technical support. When a problem occurs, basic web hosting clients rarely have the time or staff resources to devote to their site. HostGator offers both telephone and live chat support options, and clients will rarely be kept waiting for long. HostGator allows their clients get back to what they do best, whether its managing their online business, promoting a new domain name, or adding recipes to their cooking blog.

Many shared hosting providers are always looking for the next sale. Even after you have signed up, they continue to flood your inbox or voicemail with up-sells. This is not the case with HostGator. Once a client has signed up, HostGator simply provides them with top-notch and reliable hosting. For a limited time, HostGator is also offering a coupons of 25% off of any hosting plan. New clients who are having trouble finding a host can also be confident with their investment with HostGator; the company offers a full 45-day money back guarentee. With their already low-prices and exceptional service, its no wonder that more and more websites are turning to HostGator for their web hosting needs.

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