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Posted by: headm on: March 7, 2016

Double Strollers and Their Advantages Double strollers are very important items for parents that have two young children or the ones who have twins. They actually help in making life one that’s more livable. There are in fact three types that you could find possibly. There are the tandems to where one of the seat is actually behind the other and there is also the tandem which is face to face. There are also the ones which are made side by side. They in fact are available in various patterns and are available as well in various accessories. Tandem types either have the children placed behind another or face to face. Some of the parents actually swears by it because they help to clear doorways easier compared to the side by side option because of their length which could be hard in navigating and turning. These are actually like semi-trucks which in fact requires a bit of movement just for you to make the simple turns. The types that are made in tandem are sometimes actually built with toddler and also the baby combination in mind. This is actually why the front seat may be able to recline and become a full seat, but the back seat may be more bench like for older child could ride along with the baby but will not have the same kind of needs as baby, which is not being provided with the same comforts. Such kind of tandem option is suitable for the ones with an older child that has reached already 2 years old by the time where the baby has arrived.
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Side by side types is also another kind. This type is made purposely with such design so children to be able to sit next with each other. This type is mostly very wide and there could be some concern in getting through doorways because of its width. Side by side types are favored for twins by some parents that in fact buys into the theory that twins will feel lost without each other once they leave the womb. You could actually get various cool options with the side by side type that’s not available on the tandem type. Side by side gives you the option of a cover which will be able to cover both sides simultaneously in order to keep babies away from drafts. Some of it can actually be broken apart so it could become an individual stroller that is truly a great option when there’s more than one person present to bush the babies around.
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You should be aware that when it comes to the cost of these strollers, it will have its own variations, but double strollers don’t really have twice the price of single strollers.

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