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Posted by: headm on: November 22, 2015

Effective Self-Defense Tips The unpredictable world we are living in calls for someone to be always prepared for any potential attack. Should someone attack you and your family right now, how ready are you to handle the situation? The truth of the matter is more than 90 percent of us won’t be able to defend themselves. With the right self-defense knowledge it won’t matter the size of your attacker, his strength, their numbers or the weapons they come with. Here are the guidelines to effective self-defense. Preventing is always the best The best advice anyone will always give you is to try as much as possible to avoid being in a situation where you have to defend yourself. This is always the best way to protect from an attack. It is better to appear as a loser than to be involved in an unnecessary fight which might harm you or the other party. Prevention also means avoiding dingy places which are more attack prone or any situation that may provoke you or another person into a physical confrontation.
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Always position your body the right way
The Beginner’s Guide to Batons
Not always will prevention work; it is here where you real self-defense skills are put into test. How you position your body during the physical confrontation will determine how well you attack your opponent or defend yourself from his attacks. Make sure your arms and legs are effectively positioned such that the attacks coming your way can be effectively blocked or their impact reduced. Position your hands like a boxer to shield vital sections of your body. Consider where you hit your attacker There are some parts of the body that are more effective to hit than others. You should always aim for such areas if you are to inflict pain or repel your attacker. Use your fingers to poke, gouge or scratch your attacker’s eyes. Using your fingers to strike the eyes of the attacker is the most effective way of causing pain and confusing your attacker so that you can hit even harder or even escape. Knife hand striking the neck where there is the carotid artery and jugular vein can stop the attacker in his tracks if it is done right. The knee section of your attacker is the best place to hit without exposing your foot for the attacker to grab. The knee region is the best place to hit if you easily incapacitate and cause your attacker pain. Anything around you can be a weapon If you have a registered gun, knife or other legal weapon it can be a bit easier to defend yourself. If you have them the better but you should be able to improvise. No, you need to improvise. For instance, you can throw sand into his eyes. Another thing you can use is a pen; the sharp end of it can be very effective.

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