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Posted by: headm on: November 2, 2015

Criminal Law and the Basics You Should Know About Criminal law is a body of law specializing on defining crimes and setting specific punishments for them. This branch of the study of law is different from others branches of law in such a way that it is punitive in nature. Each crime that has been defined by criminal law has a corresponding punishment of equal degree which will apply to anyone who goes against the penal code. The very core of implementing criminal laws is to ensure that peace and order is maintained. Violations to provisions of the law are occurring on a daily basis in police stations, in the streets of almost every country, and in corners of cities. For people to not commit crimes as easily, lawmakers have imposed punishment of the same degree to the violation taken and these punishments have been reviewed and approved to be lawful by the courts. Another thing that you must know is that criminal law is always mandatory or prohibitory. A person is believed to be committing a violation of mandatory provision if he or she has not done what is expected of him or her according to the law. Going against what the law says is basically the core of the showing of criminal offense. Not being able to provide assistance for your child when he or she needs health assistance is a perfect example of omission of law. The parents of the child should be able to provide him or her necessary assistance and attention that befit him or her, and if the parents neglected the child, no matter if it was done on purpose or an accident, the parents will have to suffer punishment if the child’s life is put in danger. So it is considered homicide if it was found out that the minor died because of lack of care and support, an act of neglect from the parents’ end. As for the violation through commission where actions are downright violations to the written law like killing, except if its reasonable as the courts will decide. If anyone inflicts harm to another person and in turn kills him, that person shall suffer the punishment of homicide, man slaughter, or murder. Regardless if it’s commission or omission, all court officials shall see to it that the suspect will undergo trials and punishment that are in accordance with the law. This ensure that the rules in having proper trial and punishment are followed and that all materials available for examination will be treated with fairness; these will pave way to the discovery of the truth. This is necessary in giving importance to the rights of the accused and protecting the rights of the public so that justice can always prevail. Always remember that criminal law is not only about the violations and the punishments of the accused, but also the protection of his or her rights in accordance to the criminal justice system. 6 Facts About Laws Everyone Thinks Are True

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