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Posted by: headm on: May 13, 2015

How Java Programming Tops Other Programming Languages The truth about Java is, it’s an object oriented programming language. This is used widely in various computing platforms and in fact, you can almost see it everywhere be it on your mobile phones, embedded devices, enterprise servers and even to supercomputers. Among the different computer programming languages that are used these days, Java has brought most number of benefits to the software developers in all parts of the globe whether you believe it or not. If you are not confident of using Java for programming, you may want to read the next few points. Number 1: It is that simple – this particular programming language is specifically designed to be user friendly. It is much easier to compile, debug, write programs and learn Java when compared to other platforms. Well, this is all because of the fact that it takes advantage of automatic memory management as well as garbage collection. As a result, it is possible for new learners to easily apply the things that they discovered in a short time period.
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Number 2: It is platform independent – the very best thing about Java is the ability of the platform to easily move from one system to the other without creating problems. It can independently run at both binary and source levels. Aside from that, the similar program is capable of running on different systems efficiently. To the World Wide Web software, this certain feature is vitally important as it requires lots of flexibility.
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Number 3: More secure than other languages – using Java is going to be the best option for you especially if security is a big deal for your programs. Java programming’s one of the top priorities is its security. The compiler, language, runtime environment and interpreter are created with security in mind. Not only that, the platform has also made it feasible for the end-users to download unknown codes over networks and then run it to a secure environment without experiencing damages or harm to their system. As a result, the host system won’t be infected by any harmful viruses. Number 4: It is highly reliable – it’s indeed daunting to search for programming languages that are robust. Java on the other hand has invested lots of time and effort on checking every possible error. With this being said, the Java compilers are capable of detecting all the possible issues just before it is executed. And this what made Java deemed by top and professional developers to be the most reliable and robust programming language. Number 5: Java can carry out multiple tasks at once – Java has the ability of carrying out multiple tasks simultaneously. It works best in network and visual programming as multi-threaded programming is incorporated to it.

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