A Brief Rundown of Restaurants

Posted by: headm on: April 21, 2015

Traditions When Eating in Chinese Restaurants In a real or authentic Chinese restaurant, the host of the family is the only one who will order the food and there are also many other etiquettes that must be followed because this is a part of the Chinese tradition. The kinds of foods or courses that are served in Chinese restaurants are usually more than ten that is why you have to prepare yourself when you there and eat and the initial servings of the foods are usually served to the oldest people in the group. In eating in Chinese restaurants, you would always see and drink different kinds of tea such as the chrysanthemum tea, jasmine tea, pu-erh tea and many other varieties of tea and the proper way of pouring down the tea is you must hold down the lid. When someone is pouring tea for you, you must tap on the table with your two fingers to show appreciation to that person and when you are pouring the tea and you ran out of it, you must open the lid to show that the is no tea left. When you have invited guests in the Chinese restaurant, you must serve them always and you must hold the tea cup with your two hands when you are about to make a toast with the other person in the table where you are eating. Always remember that when you are eating in a Chinese restaurant, they always serve the soup first and you can add condiments such as red vinegar and pepper and when there are no utensils available, you can use the opposite end of your chopsticks to get the food.
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When you are using your chopsticks, do not stick on straight into the rice because this symbolizes bad luck and rudeness in the Chinese tradition and your chopsticks are also used for picking up food and not as a barbecue stick. For you not to taste too much spicyness, sweetness or sourness into your dish or into what you are eating, you can add a little of rice to balance your tastes so as to finish the dishes that you picked when you eating.
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When you are eating a fish dish and you are finish eating on the first side, you cannot flip the fish on the other side by using your chopstick and you cannot also dig around on the part of the dish that you would want to eat when it is your turn to take the dish that you want to eat. When you are next to the host, you can expect that you will be fed well and the host usually dishes out the most food and you do not expect fortune cookies too in Chinese restaurants.

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