A Brief History of Websites

Posted by: headm on: January 27, 2016

Things To Be Remembered When Building A Good Website When you are into digital marketing, you should know that the first step to succeed is a website. It is what representing you online and thus, making it as the most valuable and important asset of any online business. You will be able to grab the attention and interest of the user and make you to stand apart your competitors by having careful design and planning of your website. Let’s discuss some of the critical elements that should be met and taken into consideration while you’re designing a website. Purpose – the website is the image of your business as what said earlier. Whenever possible, you should exert the effort of designing it in a way that it is keeping its target market in mind. Complete presentation of website must be planned carefully and be designed with utmost care. Organization – the website shouldn’t look cluttered on monitor screen of the end-users. Everything needs to be present on the website in an organize way and at the same time, should follow predefined structure. The website should be designed while taking into account the target audience. It is much easier to maintain and is user friendly as well is what makes an organized and well presented website.
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Colors – each and every color used in a website has its purpose. The colors used in the website will depend on its purpose. Well planned color palette with proper contrasts and shades for both the background and foreground could help in making it more readable and appealing to your audience.
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Font – proper style and size of font can make your page readable. You can make use of font style and size that depends on your target market and if possible, try to avoid using multiple styles as this sometimes confused the eyes. Graphics – simple text without graphics or use graphics without proper text or content can potentially ruin the purpose of your website. Both the graphics and text including images and videos should be used optimally to make the site interesting and eye-catching to your users. Easy to navigate – again, this is an integral element to be able to develop a good website. It doesn’t create an appealing effect to users to have too much content on one page or even too less to accommodate the screen. On the other hand, having too much content may force users to scroll a lot and missing the relevant info of your content. Content – this is basically what you’re presenting to your readers. It can be presented in form of video, image or text or the combination of it. Make your site appealing and effective by choosing the words very carefully.

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