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Posted by: headm on: September 9, 2015

Recovering Financial Losses After a Car Accident Knowing whether to hire an attorney after a car accident can be a hard decision to make. Generally, you will not need a car accident attorney if the accident was minor and no one suffered any injuries. You will probably also not need an attorney if injuries are minor and will have no lasting complications. It doesn’t hurt to talk to a lawyer about your options because the initial consultation is free. If the insurance company you are working with is treating you unfairly, this is called a bad faith claim. Not investigating your claim, delaying your claim, or denying you without cause all fall under a bad faith claim. It can also happen if they don’t offer you a fair settlement or refuse to negotiate with you. Fraudulent practices will also make any claim a bad faith claim. You will need the help of a lawyer if you are involved in a bad faith claim. Just because the accident is cleared away doesn’t mean that the results won’t be with you for a long time. Since car accident attorneys usually also double as personal injury attorneys, they can help you with any problems resulting from the car accident. Many people decide to hire a lawyer to help with their insurance claims, and there are a lot of reasons why. Lawyers have a lot of experience, so they are able to evaluate your claim and determine how much it is worth. Since they can know the value of your injuries and damages, they can advise you on whether or not to accept any settlement offers you get.
A Beginners Guide To Lawyers
Some claims are denied unfairly, and a lawyer can help you fight against that denial. They are also adept at negotiating for a higher settlement outside of court. They are also familiar with the different injuries common to car accidents. Waiting too long can mean that you miss the deadlines for your case, but moving too fast may mean not knowing how severe your injuries really are. The other driver may press charges against you, and if you hire a lawyer you already have someone to defend you.
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If your claim is accepted, the insurance company will offer you a settlement. If you feel like the settlement was too low, you and your lawyer will negotiate for something higher. You only need to file a lawsuit if the insurance company won’t negotiate with you. This means the insurance company can no longer decide, and it is left up to a judge and jury. Most insurance companies will settle outside of court to save time and money. You will have more confidence in pursuing a fair settlement with a lawyer at your side.

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