A Brief Buyer’s Guide to Down Pillows

Posted by: headm on: February 28, 2019

There are many types of pillows on the market today, but one of these is almost universally recognized as the best. Soft down harvested from geese makes for a pillow filling that simply cannot be beaten by any other, as far as many are concerned. When it comes to shopping for down pillows, buyers only need to keep in mind a few basic ideas.

A Pillow Filled With Down Should Last for Many Years

Surprisingly many people today own pillows that are more or less disposable. The polyester material used to fill many pillows will only last so long before giving out.

All-natural goose down, on the other hand, will retain its softness and ability to provide support for decades if treated appropriately. Although pillows stuffed with down will typically cost more than most alternatives, the investment can easily pay off.

Simple Ways to Be Sure of Choosing the Right Pillow

Fortunately, choosing a down-filled pillow to buy never needs to be overly difficult. In general, shoppers will want to simply focus on issues like the following when assessing the various options:

  • Composition. Some pillows advertised as being based on down actually come with a caveat: It is fairly common for manufacturers to fill such pillows with a mixture that includes both down and far rougher outer feathers. In fact, some buyers prefer such pillows to those that contain only down, but this issue should still be clarified in each case. Generally speaking, a pillow that contains only down will be more expensive, but will also provide more of the comfort which is so characteristic of that material.
  • Loft. Although it might be difficult to distinguish one tuft of down from another at a glance, individual pieces of the material actually vary with regard to their most salient characteristics. After collecting large amounts of down from geese, suppliers sort it into different categories that reflect the material’s loft. A higher rating signifies better down in every case, which is something that buyers will always want to account for.

Merely being aware of simple issues like these will make it much easier to choose an appropriate pillow. Down makes for such an excellent pillow filling that many who buy such products find themselves unable to ever go back.

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