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Posted by: headm on: October 17, 2015

Common Misconceptions in the College Recruiting Process As far as college athletic scholarships are concerned, there is a lot of bad advice, and common myths that tend to fly around the topic. It is important for all high school athletes starting the recruiting process for college to know what is true versus what is false about the college athletic scholarship process. This article will address some of the most common athletic recruiting myths, and what you really need to know about the college recruiting process. A common misconception that many high school athletes are exposed to is that if they receive a letter from a coach, they are automatically going to be recruited. In the beginning of the recruiting process, colleges mail out a large amount of recruiting letters using mailing lists they receive from various high school rosters. The most important and crucial actions are those you perform after you have received that letter. There have been a great many high school athletes that have reported receiving dozens of such letters, and never got a call back from any of them after the recruiting process. Believing your high school coach will be who handles the recruiting process is another major myth commonly believed by high school athletes. Most of the time, your high school coach does not have the time or the resources available to successfully take care of your recruiting. You have to put in the work to get your own financial aid and determine where you want to play, do not put that in someone else’s hands to take care of for you.
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Another common myth is that because you made All-State, coaches will know you and your interest level. College coaches have a limited number of resources, and can’t read your mind that you are interested, so they typically only go with those who contact them. The athletes who are aggressively seeking out coaches and letting them know they are interested are the ones who get called back.
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An unfortunate misconception is that only the star athletes will get scholarships. The key to receiving a call back from a coach and earning an athletic scholarship comes down to determination and a desire to be there. Those athletes who put in a lot of effort into the scholarship process tend to receive scholarships over the most talented athletes who do not. This may be the most detrimental misconception of all- the belief that if you are good enough, grades do not matter. Although this was true in the past, nowadays if your GPA is not a 3.0 or above, you will not make it into about 50% of the programs available today. Today, grades are one of the most important things schools look at when they are going through the recruiting process. Obtaining a scholarship, and being successful in the recruiting process starts with removing the myths and bad advice from the mix. It is absolutely essential to spend time researching and creating a game plan to help you get into the college you deserve.

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