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The Different Types Of Expert Witnesses Expert witness is a person who is working in certain profession and considered to be expert in their field. Lawyers will be asking series of questions to the expert witness they plan to hire who will testify on their side to know if the expert witness is the best for their case or not. This individual needs to have more knowledge in their field than what average individuals have to be able to be considered as an expert. And before being hired as an expert witness, their knowledge and expertise will be tested first. There are 2 different types of expert witnesses that you could hire these days. These are non-testifying experts and the other is the testifying experts. Testifying experts are the ones who’re in front of everyone in order to see any documentation presented to support the side that they’re testifying for. That is the reason why expert witnesses are typically advised not to write on any documents because the other party might have a chance to see on what they’ve written. In the event that the witness expresses any personal opinion on the said documents, they can negatively impact the case.
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To evaluate the case, the non-testifying witnesses are being hired by either side of the party. As an example, legal representatives might get a doctor or any healthcare specialist to look over malpractice suit to be able to review if something was unusual when certain procedures were executed. There are also instances to which nurses might also be summoned to evaluate the documents regarding the medical case.
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It’s the non-testifying witnesses who receives more protection between the two. Most of the time, they’re not identified or being brought out in the court and jury just to testify in the case. There’s just no reason for these witnesses to be known but, every documentation they’ve participated would be exposed. Of course, any information relating to them in that document will not be shown as well, for their own privacy. Expert witness should have specialization, which is necessary. Despite the fact that they might be involved in a certain profession, there might still be areas of that profession that they’re specializing in. This is so important especially when choosing an expert witness. Without the presence of expert witnesses, the possibility of charging innocent people for being guilty in acts that they haven’t done are going to be high. It’s basically their testimony that’ll determine whether an individual has committed the crime or not.

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