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Posted by: headm on: February 24, 2016

The Unhappy Part of a Celebrity’s Life Rich, famous, popular, astonishing, idolized, lavish lifestyle and luxurious properties are few of the assumed net worth that you believe a celebrity have. In the eyes of the crowd, celebrities live a very happy and fulfilling life but they don’t know that it is not always the case. Being a celebrity both has an advantage and disadvantage and the worst part is, they are more prone to the negative side of the world.
Celebrities – Getting Started & Next Steps
The measurement of a celebrity’s life is both tangible and intangible which includes emotions.
Interesting Research on News – Things You Probably Never Knew
Disadvantages Restriction of Celebrities Freedom Just try to imagine Angelina Jolie or Adele walking in the park to breathe some fresh air. How will these celebrities react when one person notices their presence and just announce to the world that they indeed are present? Without security, these celebrities’ lives will be put in danger if they decide to come out of their homes. So to avoid being that position, they don’t have any other choice but to stay away from crowded places or just stat in their homes. It’s really sad to think that these celebrities can’t even go out at night and party with friends without being harassed by the crowd or just have a peaceful life drinking coffee in a coffee shop because of their fans. The only thing they do is to lock themselves in their homes. These celebrities safety is really at risk knowing that anytime soon, their fans might do something inappropriate just to be with them. Every person they come face to face with is a threat to their safety even the producers, agents and so-called friends might even be the first ones to put them to danger. Celebrities even treat their lives as plain dull and boring because all they can feel is loneliness and emptiness. Their emptiness is /is caused by their longingness to be with their loved ones and just enjoy each of their lives going to a school or do the things that they love most without thinking about their safety. The emptiness they felt will be the one to lead them to doing immoral things such as drugs or even self-harm and eventually might lead to serious damages. The sad thing about fans is that not all of them are real fans and they only want to deceive the celebrity in order for them to gather information about the celebrity and make up stories to destroy the celebrity’s reputation and post scandalous stories about them. What the celebrities lack right now is privacy because once you’re popular, all eyes are on you and wherever you go or whatever do, cameras and recorders will follow you for them to publicize your life. But despite the disadvantages of being a celebrity, still, there are a lot out there who wished to become one because a celebrity’s net worth will always include challenges.

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